chersheykisses replied to your post: okay okay so what if zoro has a really…

THAT FACE omg im dying idk why it made me laugh so hard

zoro says, how dare you laugh at his misfortune!!!

okay okay so what if zoro has a really embarrassing thing that he likes buying, and it’s not really something embarrassing but he finds it embarrassing that he doesn’t want the crew to find out about it ever….. like only the softest highest quality cotton underthings

and everytime he goes to buy it he brings the exact amount of money and just leaves it on the counter and doesnt even make eyecontact with anyone and basically just wants out of the store as fast as he could without being seen bUT like one time he sees nami peering from outside the window omgg and he’s like 80% sure she didnt see him him but theres always a 20% so he tries to get away as fast as he could but namis like what you got there zoro and he mumbles really quickly sworD….. supplies…… but then nami’s like oh?? i’m interested, can i see???? and zoro knows she might be truly interested but also she has the (⌒) face on and has like a 100 pound grip on his shopping bag so it’s 50/50 you kno?? yeaa thats dangerous zoro!!!! you can do it dont give in!!


Benefits of having OTPS that can double as brOTP:
Always together (platonic or romantic)
Nobody can deny they aren’t important to each other
Their fucking friendships are a precious thing
A good relationship
Communication comes relatively easy
Simple things can’t shake their unbreakable bro-ship



To everyone who has sent me messages in the past month or so…. that i haven’t replied to yet… i am so so sorry :((

while i was trying to select all my messages (idek what i was trying to do) i accidentally cleared a bunch of my inbox!! i really dont know what happened but i cant find some messages i saw before im so sorry

if it’s not too much pls send them again!! thank you thank you

Anonymous said:

where have you been all this time?! i missed youu and the zona <3 thank you for coming back <3

wahh yes im here! :’) i missed you all and the zona too!! just been super busy with school//work//relationships but of course im still here!! (also i got into a few other series lately whoops)