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okay okay buT imagine zoro and nami as school children and one time zoro didnt have money for lunch so nami offered to pay for him…… thats what friends are for zoro……. and she tells him he could pay her anytime he wanted, with interest of course

a week later zoro finds out his $5 onigiri lunch set had become $20,a nd zoros like what the hell nami i shared that lunch with you!! 

and namis like whats mine is mine alone, but all thats yours is mine, your $$ and all the $$$ youll ever make, your house your first born, yOU are also mine, and with this debt you will be mine foreverr

but  zoro is young and dumb and doesnt understand the concept of crushes so he cries and curses her and runs away from her forever 

he also forgets they are neighbours and family friends and zoro literally needs nami to walk him home so he would actually get home

hi guys, okay i have something very important to say

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One Piece Parallels - Strong World x episode 585

"Chopper, can I borrow your fur?" 



"Can you do Nami and Zoro? <3" requested by anonymous

its almost 3 am help

Anonymous said:

hello! I really enjoy your analysis of zona's interaction in various arcs.. will you continue it? I would love to read about their interactions in skypiea, etc ^^

ugh i would really love to continue it… and at this point i can say that i will continue it :’) it’s just really fun to think about them and talk about them right???  thank you, im glad you enjoy it tooo! :D :D